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Transition Specialist

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The Positive Impact of a Transition Specialist in Juvenile Court Schools
Smooth Reintegration: They help students transition back into society smoothly, teaching vital life skills.
Reduced Recidivism: Transition specialists work to lower reoffending rates by offering guidance and support.
Education and Career Planning: They assist students in setting educational and career goals.
Mental Health and Social Support: Addressing trauma and mental health challenges is a priority.
Family Engagement: They build bridges between the school, students, and their families.
Community Connections: Specialists connect students with resources in the community.
Boosted Confidence: They provide mentorship, enhancing students' self-esteem and confidence.
Compliance with Court Orders: Specialists help students understand and meet court requirements.
Data-Driven Improvement: They collect data on student outcomes for continuous improvement..
Tehama Oaks utilizes both a Transition Specialist and Parent Liason to support student transitions.
When a student is enrolled with Tehama Oaks for 20+ consecutive school days a full transition meeting takes place to identify supports, and barriers for student success, and outlines a plan for the student to reach graduation and college/career goals. 

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Meet Our Transition Specialist!
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Renee Walker is an essential part of our Tehama Oaks team. She's been with us for 10 years, dedicating her time to helping our students transition smoothly. Renee knows how vital these transitions are for our students' success.
As our Transition Specialist, Renee goes above and beyond to ensure that each student's journey at Tehama Oaks is as seamless as possible. She's passionate about helping students move from one phase of their education to the next, and she understands the unique challenges they face.
Renee's care and dedication to our students shine through every day. She creates personalized transition plans for each student, making sure they get the support they need. Her commitment to our students' success is a big part of what makes Tehama Oaks special.
We're lucky to have Renee Walker as part of our team. Her expertise and her heartfelt dedication make a real difference in the lives of our students. We appreciate her for all she does to help our students thrive.