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Supporting Pre-Intern Teachers

Classroom Essentials
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The trend of non-traditional pathways into teaching continues. While outside the parameter of induction, our goal is simple: teacher retention in the Northstate. We are offering a program in the 2024-2025 school year for those teachers serving in a classroom who are not yet credentialed, and not in an intern program, at no cost to those using our induction services. This includes candidates who are currently teaching with Short Term Substitute Permits (STSPs), Provisional Intern Permits (PIPs), or waivers.

CTC RoadMap to Teaching
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Supporting Candidates' Pathways to an Internship
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We coordinate with CSU, Chico, and Simpson University to outline the steps these candidates need to take to get into an intern program. Candidates need to enroll in prerequisites for an intern program before they can officially start. We will help them navigate the action steps needed to be taken before the expiration of the PIP/STSP.  Although we are not affiliated financially with them in any way,  we have contacts with two local Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs). 

TEACH california virtual advisor
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The VIRTUAL ADVISOR can answer most of your questions as well as direct you to the right resources.

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Information and resources to provide pathways and guidance to becoming an educator in California public schools.

California education serves more than 6 million students throughout the state at more than 11,000 public and charter schools. There is a continual need for high-quality educators in various capacities to prepare our students for success at every level. CalEdFacts most current statistics on the number of teachers in California.

Golden State Teacher Grant Program

This Program awards up to $20,000 to professional preparation program students approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and working towards earning their preliminary teaching or pupil personnel services credential.