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Induction Resources & FAQs

have questions about teaching in california?  
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The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has created a ROADMAP TO TEACHING.  There have never been more opportunities than there are now to become an educator in California. To make this process as easy as possible, you can find links to everything you need to know about becoming an educator on this page.

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Q: What is induction?
A: In order to receive a Clear Credential, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires all teachers, once they have obtained a preliminary credential, to participate in a two-year, job-embedded individualized program with mentor support.
Q: How do I know if I need induction?
A: Look up your credential(s) on the CTC website: Click on your credential and a section will open towards the bottom of the page labeled Renewal Requirements. If you have a renewal code (R14I, PRO, or RSGN) that references the completion of an induction program, you need to fulfill this requirement to clear your credential. Use this link to a video on how to check renewal codes.
Q: Do I need induction if I taught out of state or in another country?
A: You might, depending on how long you taught out of state and how you applied to the CTC when transferring your credential to California. Email us at or call (530) 528-7311 if you have questions.
Q: What if I have other renewal requirements listed besides induction?
A: All renewal requirements must be satisfied before TTIP can recommend you for a clear credential after completing induction. We suggest that you work to complete additional renewal requirements while enrolled in induction. If you have not completed these additional requirements before completing induction, we will retain your information until they are met. You will be responsible for notifying the program and sending documentation once all requirements are met. At that time, we will be able to make the recommendation for your clear credential. If you have specific questions regarding renewal codes, please contact your county credentials analyst.
Q: Will I be able to clear more than one credential through induction? 
A: Dual credential candidates who are clearing more than one Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist credential will be able to clear both of them by completing the TTIP induction program with an additional assignment each semester.
Q: Can induction be waived if I have a Master’s or other advanced degree?
A: No, induction is still required.
Q: When does induction take place?
A: Induction runs from early August through May. 
Q: When is the cutoff for registering for the Tehama Teacher Induction Program?
A: Registration for induction closes in mid-September for the Fall semester and mid-January for the Spring semester.
Q: What sort of time commitment does induction require?
A: The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) requires Induction programs to ensure each Candidate Teacher receives an average of not less than one hour per week of individualized support and/or mentoring coordinated and/or provided by a mentor. Completing assignments may take an additional hour per week.
Q: How long is the induction program?
A: Most teachers will complete the program in two years. 
Q: Is there an accelerated or shorter option than two years?
A: TTIP provides the Early Completion Option (ECO) to all qualifying program participants in accordance with Senate Bill 57.  The ECO allows eligible, experienced, and exceptional candidates to complete the induction program at a faster pace than the full two years generally required. 
Q: How do I enroll in the Tehama Teacher Induction Program?
A: Contact your administrator or district coordinator to request enrollment in our program.
Q: How can I determine if I might be able to enroll in the program?
A: We are part of a nine-county consortium (Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Trinity) and are happy to serve any schools, districts, or individuals in our area.
Q: Can I participate in induction if I am a part-time teacher?
A: It is at the discretion of your school district to determine if your employment status makes you eligible for induction.
Q: Can I participate in induction if I am not a standard classroom teacher?
A: If you are a teacher of record and see a core group of students consistently throughout the year, it is possible that you would be able to participate. 
Q: Can I participate in induction if I am not in a teaching position?
A: You must be a teacher of record to participate in induction.
Q: Can I participate in induction if I have a planned leave during the year?
A: We can accommodate an alternative schedule of completion.
Q: Can I participate in induction with an intern credential?
A: No, intern credentials are not eligible for induction.
Q: If my credential expires before I finish induction, do I need to obtain an extension?
A: Yes, if your credential expires anytime before June of the year you will complete the induction program, you need to apply for an extension. You can work with your county’s credentials analyst to apply for an extension.
Q: What if I complete one year of induction and then do not return to the same school/district?
A: You are eligible to continue in our program, even if you change school districts. We will provide a letter of verification for completion for each semester of induction if needed by your new district.
Q: What if I already completed one year of induction prior to enrolling in the Tehama Teacher Induction Program?
A: Before beginning our program, you must provide verification of completion of year 1 or a transportability document from the previous induction program. 
Q: If I need to leave the program midway through the school year, will I receive partial credit?
A: We will provide a letter of verification for completion for each semester of induction.