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Early Completion Option

Early Completion Option (ECO)- SB 57
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What is an Early Completion Option?  

Tehama Teacher Induction Program provides the Early Completion Option (ECO) to all qualifying program participants in accordance with Senate Bill 57.  An Early Completion Option in the Induction Program allows eligible, experienced, and exceptional candidates to complete the induction program at a faster pace than the full two years generally required to complete all of the requirements of professional teacher induction. As with completion of the full-length induction program, completion of the ECO allows individuals the opportunity to earn their Professional Clear Credential.

Who is eligible for the Early Completion Option?

To be eligible, candidates must have the following:
      • Hold a California Preliminary Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and/or Education Specialist Credential with no outstanding assessments (Rica, etc.)
      • Be able to document a minimum of two years prior teaching experience as a full-time teacher of record (before the start of the current school year) in the earned credential area.  Experience may include completion of an intern program and/or teaching out-of-state.

How and when can I apply for the Early Completion Option?

All candidates initially enroll in the two-year Induction Program.  The Early Completion Option will be explained during the Year 1 Orientation.  Induction candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and would like to apply for the Early Completion Option must attend the ECO Informational Meeting.  During the meeting, the process will be explained and the application provided. The program staff will inform candidates of the timeline and necessary due dates for the application process. 
Once approved and admitted to the ECO program, candidates must continue to meet all Year 1 deadlines and participate fully in the program. 

What does the Early Completion Option entail?

Early Completion Option Candidates who are approved and meet all program requirements will be eligible to apply for their Professional Clear Credential at the conclusion of their first year in the program.