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SERRF in the News

October 17, 2022
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SERRF students from Berrendos Middle School mentor the Kindergarten SERRF class at Antelope Elementary School, teaching them Social and Emotional Learning and pairing up with students as reading buddies.
Antelope Kinder

March 9, 2022
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Rancho Tehama SERRF students enjoyed a fun filled afternoon at Java Lanes Bowling Alley in Corning. Students participated in a six week lesson plan where they learned the fundamentals of bowling.  Many students have never had the opportunity to visit a bowling alley so it was especially exciting for them to demonstrate their understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies and tactics of bowling. Fun was had by all!
Rancho Tehama Bowling

March 7, 2022
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The Tehama County SERRF program is excited to announce the start of our annual Fair Still-Exhibit projects. This year's theme showcases students' creativity and collaboration efforts in creating robotic faces. Students will work in groups and or individually to build a mobile facial feature. Each feature will then be assembled together to form a face that when manipulated resembles the students' desired facial expression. Students are excited to participate in this year's project and to utilize their exploration and research skills along the way. Final projects will be on display for all to see at the Tehama District Fair. Come support the SERRF program and explore the students' hard work at the Still-Exhibits this April 28- May 1st at the Tehama District Fair. 
Students pictured below are in the process of building their pegboards. The pegboard will serve as the template in which students build their robotic mechanisms upon.
Reeds Creek Robotic Faces

March 7, 2022
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Grocery Outlet and Tehama Reads (Tehama County Reading Council) have initiated a campaign to gather
donations from shoppers to support literacy in Tehama County!
Beginning March 1 st through April 17 th , customers will be given the opportunity to donate $1 or $5 at checkout and all proceeds will remain local. Funds raised will be used to purchase books that will be distributed to children of all ages, community-wide. Promotional literacy events and activities sponsored include: Children’s Fair, Children’s Christmas Festival, Back-to-School Project, Little Free Libraries, Farmer’s Market (Red Bluff & Corning), Movies on the Lawn, and SERRF Community-wide Book in Common.
In our efforts to build literacy skills and inspire a passion for reading among ALL children through community engagement, ALL contributions are GREATLY APPRECIATED! For more information, contact Karla Stroman - Tehama County Reading Council, President and SERRF Expanded Learning Program, Administrator (530)528-7392.

Special THANKS to Dave and Chrystal Talley, owners of Red Bluff Grocery Outlet, for sponsoring this
worthwhile community campaign!
Pictured: Dave Talley and Karla Stroman
Grocery Outlet Fundraiser

March 31, 2021
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Metteer SERRF students "GO FAR"
Kindergarten through 5th grade SERRF students get their lap trackers marked for every lap they run during their GO FAR (Go Out For A Run) practice. Twice weekly for 8 weeks, students walk and run to build their endurance for the 5K or 1 mile fun run taking place at all SERRF sites the first week in May. Students also participate in lessons that promote positive character building and good sportsmanship.
Metteer Go Far

March 26, 2021
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SERRF students were invited to attend a special groundbreaking ceremony for the school development project that includes new classrooms for Vista Preparatory Academy. Construction is slated to begin immediately, with a projected completion date of October, 2021!
Ground Breaking- Shovels Ground Breaking - Poster

March 19, 2021
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The SERRF students at Plum Valley School recently had the opportunity to participate in the California State Parks PORTS Program. These live virtual field trips have been inspiring to students, offering them a glimpse into our beautiful California State Parks, while exploring some exciting scientific careers. They were even able to get some hands-on experience, examining fossils and petrified wood!
Ports 2  Ports 1

March 19, 2021
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Kirkwood S.E.R.R.F. Students GO FAR!
The Kirkwood S.E.R.R.F. Expanded Learning Program started their "Go Far" program this month. Go Far (Go Out For A Run) is a unique and fun fitness program. Our goal is to get children active and excited about healthy living. We are teaching students the importance of physical activity, goal setting and good nutrition, all while teaching students how to safely train for a 5K event. This year is a little different, due to not having our annual Go Far Fun Run event we have a program wide goal in place. That goal is to complete 7,000 miles within the 8 week period of the program. Pictured here are a few of the Kirkwood SERRF students running on Day two of the program. The students completed a combined total of 222 laps which equaled 31.7 miles just on Day two. Every one of these students are amazing and they will definitely "Go Far!"
Go Far

March 15, 2021
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Maywood SERRF Gets Creative
Students at the Maywood SERRF program showed their creativity while practicing new skills.  Students got to design and create their own face masks. They learned how to use a Cricut machine to cut their own vinyl creations and practiced their ironing skills to adhere their designs to the masks. The SERRF program designs activities that reflect active, meaningful and engaging learning methods that promote collaboration and expand student horizons.
Maywood - Mask Design  Maywood Mask creating

March 9, 2021
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As part of Olive View SERRF’s academic letter “K” theme, the TK-Kinder students got to make and fly their very own kites. Olive View SERRF’s K-2 students focus on a letter each week with activities that support language arts, math, science, social studies, art & music skills!
Letter of the week

March 5, 2021
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Lassen View Serrf Students harvested broccoli from their winter garden. Students learned by harvesting the central head, the plant will continue to produce editable side shoots for several more weeks. The students enjoyed tasting this member of the cabbage family as a culmination to their life cycle of a plant-themed garden experience. 
Broccoli Lassen View

March 3, 2021
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Jackson Heights SERRF students made "Kindness Matters" posters to draw attention to and celebrate "The Great Kindness Challenge" week.  Students made a special poster for every teacher or staff member at Jackson Heights School and hung them on their classroom or office door.  Students spent time discussing ways they could express kindness to others and/or how it felt when someone showed kindness to them.  Each year students look forward to practicing how easy it is to be kind to others during this week long event in January.  Students shared how rewarding it was to give and receive compliments and encouraged everyone to show kindness all year long!
Kindness challenge

February 25, 2021
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Every year,students all over the world celebrateThe Great Kindness Challenge, January 25th- 29th. Gerber SERRF celebrated by working to complete an “Acts of Kindness” checklist, making friendship bracelets and completing the “One Word” activity where we picked a focus word for the year such as love or happiness. The Great Kindness Challenge is such a positive start to the new year, we look forward to all the activities and fun for next year!
Gerber GKC

February 11, 2021
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In an effort to promote student voice and leadership, Flournoy SERRF (Safe Education and Recreation for Rural Families) has CREATED a Student Council.  With One student from each grade level; 5th through 8th grades.
The Student Council will meet once per month to go over ideas that students would like included in their after school program.           This month, students got to select the enrichment kits that they will be studying for the rest of the school year.  The kit chosen is “GEMS:  Earth, Moon and Stars”.
By coordinating this exciting opportunity for students, the SERRF Program is providing and supporting intentional opportunities for students to play a meaningful role in program design and implementation, as well as providing ongoing access to authentic leadership roles.
Pictured left to right are: 
Brayden Schenk 7th, Wyatt Hill 6th , Kaycee Murphy 8th and Alex Turri 5th grade.
Student Council- Flournoy

February 10, 2021
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Reed Beeman from Berrendos SERRF Expanded Learning Program, spreads a message of "Kindness" throughout his school during The Great Kindness Challenge week, January 25th - 29th, 2021.
Kindness week

February 8, 2021
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Antelope 4th grade SERRF students are studying John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. They are participating in activities that explore plant life cycles, fractions and data analysis. In addition, students also are given an opportunity to compare and contrast the taste and appearance of a variety of apples  These lessons are a great example of engaging hands-on learning that supports Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, (STEAM).
Johnny Appleseed

September 30, 2020
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Students in Ms. Montana's 3rd-5th grade Reeds Creek SERRF class "chilled out" while they explored some beautiful science.  They observed the ice ball as they learned about water chemistry, phase changes, and density. 
chilled out experiment

June 18, 2020
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SERRF is rolling through Tehama County this summer with their two new "SERRF On Wheels" Expanded Learning Program vans. First stop was Los Molinos on Josephine Street in front of the Mutual Water District's building. Families enjoyed visiting with staff, receiving a packet filled with enriching activities and new books for every child. SERRF will roll into Los Molinos and Vina, in front of the Post Office, every Monday, 11:30-12:30 through July 20th. Come by and see us!! For a complete "SERRF On Wheels" schedule visit the Tehama County Department of Education's Facebook page.
Los Molinos SERRF on Wheels

January 31, 2020Top of Page

Career Exploration at Olive View SERRF
Mrs. Wilson's kindergarteners in the Olive View SERRF Program are enjoying exploring a variety of careers.  Students even got to make their own career portfolios. This is a great example of how the SERRF Expanded Learning Program supports activities in which participants develop and demonstrate 21st century skills.
Mrs Wilsons Class

January 24, 2020Top of Page

SERRF Metteer Students Program Robots
Ms. Katheryn's 4th and 5th grade SERRF students are working with coding instructor
David Gonzalez to program "Sphero" robots. Students work in teams to write Code that causes the "Sphero" to change color, travel in a predetermined path or make
animal sounds. Students are enjoying these lessons.
Sphero at Metteer

January 14, 2020Top of Page

Rancho Tehama SERRF visits the Chico Air Museum
As the culminating event to a 6 week lesson series, Rancho Tehama SERRF students experienced an afternoon filled with historical information and interactive activities.  Students particularly enjoyed learning about the part Northern California played in the growth of aviation in America. 
Chico Air Museum- yellow plane

November 22, 2019Top of Page

Mr. Tyler’s 4th, 5th & 6th Grade students at Olive View SERRF recently celebrated as a class consistently reading 20 min per day during “Read to Self” time. This is part of SERRF’s homework hour. Monday-Thursday students receive homework assistance and play games that build math and language arts skills! while having FUN!
Read to Self time

November 18, 2019Top of Page

Berrendos SERRF students are participating in "CATCH My Breath", an E-cigarette prevention campaign. The program teaches students to identify why young people might start using e-cigarettes, practice skills for resisting peer and advertising pressure, while also holding peer discussion groups to identify harmful consequences of using e-cigarettes.   After the four "CATCH My Breath" lessons, a culminating event "The Great American Smokeout", hosted by the Tehama County Youth Coalition STATUS - Standing Tall Against Teen Use, will be held in December at Berrendos Middle School for more than 300 students from nine different SERRF sites throughout Tehama County.
E-cigarette prevention campaign

November 18, 2019Top of Page

Antelope students are enjoying "Tinker Time: Discover Pumpkins". In this club students learn about renewable and nonrenewable resources, and environmental sustainability. Students worked together to count pumpkin seeds and roast them for a fun snack.
Tinker Time

November 13, 2019Top of Page

Los Molinos SERRF students learned computer science coding skills while playing with a Sphero Spark robot.  Ms. Kristin's 4th - 8th grade students successfully created programs using block code that caused the Sphero to blink, beep and roll. 
Sphero Spark Coding

October 23, 2019Top of Page

TK-Kinder students at Olive View SERRF enjoyed building bridges using the Brick Lab STEM-based (Science Technology Engineering Math) curriculum.  Students were engaged and working collaboratively to develop their 21st century skills, while having FUN!
Bridge Building- TK-K

October 23, 2019Top of Page

In preparation for the Lights On celebration, held on October 24th, Lassen View SERRF was busy in the garden picking lots of squash! Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating after school programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities.
Lassen View Gourds

October 14, 2019Top of Page

Vineyard Christian Fellowship along with other local community programs partnered to provide sack lunches to those impacted by the recent power outages. Making a special stop at Antelope School, volunteers handed out lunches to all the SERRF students.
Vinyard Lunches 1Vinyard Lunches 3

August 30, 2019Top of Page

Students from the Berrendos SERRF Expanded Learning Program collaborate to design and engineer structures using Bricks Lab Engineering Curriculum. 
Kids building with LEGOs

July 17, 2019Top of Page

Woodson Summer SERRF students created thank you cards for the Corning Police officers after learning more about K9s and their care, one was even written in braille. This was done in conjunction with the "Vet Clinic Tinker Time" SERRF curriculum.  In addition, the students got to explore a patrol car and hand-deliver the thank you cards to the police officers. Thank you Corning Police Department!
Students with dog drawingsStudents in police car

June 4, 2019Top of Page


Completing a six week lesson plan on Water Safety, Rancho Tehama S.E.R.R.F. students visited the Forebay Aquatic Center. It is as the students say “one of the best days ever” and “their favorite field trip” of the year. Students are able to kayak, paddle board, peddle boat. Students also received an important lesson on how to ‘self rescue’. The field trip was organized through the Feather River Center, a new nonprofit program. Their mission is to promote education, recreation, tourism, boating and water safety. For more information visit
Best Day Ever

May 15, 2019Top of Page

Vina SERRF students are learning cool things with STEM based projects. Students created prosthetics prototypes that were on display at the County Fair, and now are learning about water tension and how soap changes that tension.  
STEM Water Tension

May 5, 2019Top of Page

Rancho Tehama SERRF Expanded Learning Program students participated in an unforgettable experience as they explored all the amazing exhibits and planes the Chico Air Museum had to offer.  Students were given a history lesson on what part Northern California played in the growth of aviation in American history. Every room in the hangar was filled with historical, interesting and interactive activities. The museum has an outdoor and indoor museum, research library, gift shop, world-class aviation speaker series, special events, group visits, and school field trips by arrangement. For more information please go to
Chico Air Museum

April 4, 2019Top of Page

After learning about prosthetic engineering, Los Molinos SERRF students work together to build  prototypes of prosthetic devises for a "bionic animal".  After the prototypes are complete, they will be entered into the Tehama County District Fair in May 2019. 
Prosthetic Engineering

March 19, 2019Top of Page

Berrendos SERRF students proudly display their artwork and artistic abilities acquired, through a 6-week art club presented by instructor, Joyce Turley. 

March 19, 2019Top of Page

Up Up and Away! Antelope SERRF students are improving reading and math skills with this fun "Super Hero" Club.
Super hero

February 20, 2019Top of Page

Recently, SERRF students from three Tehama County Middle Schools, Maywood, Vista, and Berrendos, worked collaboratively to promote philanthropy in their programs! The students sold 240 lollipops to raise money to purchase supplies for the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary in Oroville, CA. Several students were selected to personally deliver the supplies to the sanctuary, and were also treated to an amazing tour of the facilities!
“We are so grateful for the donations and love what you are teaching your students!” said Mrs. Barry Kirshner.
Wildlife Sanctuary Delivery

February 11, 2019Top of Page

Richfield SERRF students celebrated the Great Kindness Challenge! This is a proactive and positive celebration, devoting the week to perform many acts of kindness. They celebrated in many ways, one way included dress up days! Their favorite dress up day was crazy sock day!
Great kindness challenge Richfield

December 19, 2018Top of Page

Thanksgiving may be over but not the fun.  Students from Rancho Tehama SERRF Expanded Learning Program weighed and measured the height and circumference of pumpkins donated by Julia’s Fruit Stand on Hwy 99.  While exploring, some students found that’ their’ pumpkins weighed more than ‘they’ did.  When challenged to find out if a 6-ounce pumpkin had more seeds than the 58-pound pumpkin, they needed to use a sledgehammer to break the big one, creating laughter and screams of joy.  Final steps were harvesting the seeds and carving the pumpkins.
students with pumpkins on lawn

December 10, 2018Top of Page

Young Marines Trevor Kain and Nicholes Heise, talk with Berrendos SERRF students about the importance of leadership and the options that youth have to step up and make a difference in their communities.
boys holding basketballs in group

November 27, 2018Top of Page

Antelope SERRF 1st grade students are enjoying the "Doors To Discovery- Healthy Me" curriculum. Students are learning the difference between a Medical Doctor (MD) and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).
kids gathered with toys

November 14, 2018Top of Page

Richfield SERRF Expanded Learning Program Is Incredible

Richfield SERRF students have been learning about what it means to be Brave!  We all know being brave isn't easy, but we practice bravery almost every day! Students have shown us they have the ability to be brave, and can show this by practicing mindfulness, kindness and respect. 

Kids with masks on

October 23, 2018Top of Page

Plum Valley SERRF students have been participating in CATCH ( Coordinated Approach To Child Health) Parachute Games and Challenges. They have learned cooperative strategies and team building skills, while having fun being physically active.
Children with parachute

October 17, 2018Top of Page

We are fortunate to have instructors come to SERRF to teach students various extra-curricular skills. Metteer SERRF students enjoyed 6 weeks of American Sign Language Instruction.  Juliska Eklund, sign language instructor, taught Metteer 1st, 4th and 5th graders how to sign the alphabet, numbers, and different animals.  It is amazing how quickly the students learned how to communicate with their hands and how engaged they were in learning a new skill.
children sitting at a desk in a classroom

October 8, 2018Top of Page

Antelope SERRF strikes a pose for the "Lightbulb Challenge Project" on behalf of The Afterschool Alliance.  On October 25th, all SERRF sites will celebrate Lights ON! Afterschool, the only national celebration of afterschool programs!
group of children posing

October 5, 2018Top of Page

Los Molinos SERRF students help the beautification process of our school garden, while learning about how to create a compost pile to reduce waste.
students standing in a line outside in the grass

September 11, 2018Top of Page

Antelope SERRF students participate in a "Contraptions Design Challenge" working through an engineering process utilizing KEVA planks, during ""Fun Friday" activities!
two students standing next to something they build with wood planks

September 10, 2018Top of Page

Berrendos SERRF students actively engage in "Minute To Win It" games on their first Fun Friday of the school year.

student participating in a school activity

June 28, 2018Top of Page

Lassen View SERRF Summer program had some very special visitors.  George Zimmerman and Bessie Heggie, with their dog Winkie, brought a working bee hive to share.  Students were able to find the queen bee, observe honey in the honeycomb, and watch bees dance!

students listening to two adults sitting at a table with a bee hive

May 30, 2018Top of Page

Richfield SERRF heads to Oroville Forebay after studying water safety and conservation. Students enjoyed time on the water, learning how to use different types of water equipment: Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and paddle boats.

students sitting in kayaks on the water

Java Lanes host Rancho Tehama S.E.R.R.F.

Principal Paula Panfilio, students and families from Rancho Tehama S.E.R.R.F enjoyed a field trip to Java Lanes bowling alley in Corning.  Students participated in a six week lesson plan to prepare for the trip.  The families that attended appreciated that the S.E.R.R.F program often provides many of these very educational and exciting field trips.

woman posing with students in a bowling alley

May 2, 2018Top of Page

Lassen View SERRF students have been hard at work making a raised flower bed and planting the beautiful floral plants donated by The Home Depot in Red Bluff.  The primary students have been learning about gardening and plant life cycles. 

students posing around a flower bed

March 23, 2018Top of Page

Berrendos SERRF students enjoy playing "Spike Ball" with Sports Instructor Adrian Hernandez. Recreation, including Moderate to Vigorous Activity (MVPA), is a required component for the California Department of Education After School Education and Safety (ASES) Grant, that helps fund SERRF.
students playing spike ball

March 7, 2018Top of Page

The 4th-8th grade SERRF students of Reeds Creek School enjoyed a special visit from Michelle Ackley of the Red Bluff High School Temple Grandin Team. Students listened to a presentation based on the book, “Temple Grandin, How The Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism And Changed The World”. Reeds Creek SERRF students had spent 6 weeks learning about the life and accomplishments of Temple Grandin who was diagnosed with autism when she was a child. Dr. Grandin is a professor of animal science, a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior, and an autism spokesperson.

students in a classroom listening to a presentation

February 27, 2018Top of Page

During the Great Kindness Challenge Week in January,students are challenged to do as many acts of kindness they can in one week. As an “act of kindness”, Rancho Tehama SERRF students, chose to raise money for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is dedicated to changing the future of children with cleft lips/pallets one smile at a time. One in five children born in this country will be affected by this. Fortunately surgeries are easily available for children in this country. However, this is not the same for children in other countries to get these life altering surgeries. These children are often shunned from their communities. With one 45 minute surgery only costing $240.00, their lives are changed from a lifetime of sadness to a life filled with hope. Please help Rancho Tehama SERRF students change the life of a child. Donation centers are located in Red Bluff at House of Design and Dandy Lion Children’s Shop. In Rancho Tehama the two local stores, the Rancho Tehama Association office, and the Rancho Tehama Elementary School office. Deadline to donate is April 30, 2018.

February 23, 2018Top of Page

Richfield SERRF students have been able to enjoy the nice weather outside by participating in parachute games. These games not only help students improve their locomotor skills, but provides the opportunity for all students to be continuously and vigorously involved regardless of their fitness level and skill ability. Students are actively participating, building cooperative skills and most importantly, having fun! Pictured: Layla Hansen, Keeli Smith, Owen Votaw, Trey Votaw

students sitting outside in the grass

February 12, 2018Top of Page

Manton SERRF students researched a Hugelkultur garden bed (raised garden bed that doesn't require irrigation or fertilization) and decided it would be a beneficial addition to our garden. The students gathered and layered leaves, grass clippings, twigs, branches, corn stalks, and compost to create it. It will be ready for planting in April!

students posing behind a garden bed that they made

February 2, 2018Top of Page

During the week of January 22nd The SERRF Expanded Learning Program celebrated "The Great Kindness Challenge". The 126 students that go to Bidwell SERRF spent the week trying to spread kindness throughout their entire school. Bidwell SERRF students wanted to make sure the lunch room staff felt the kindness. They made some posters to hang around the cafeteria to remind them how thankful they are for what the staff does for them and their classmates. Pictured are: Ms. Brittany, Alex, Carter, Carson, and Neila.
teacher posing with students

January 29, 2018Top of Page

Maywood SERRF expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Maywood Staff by creating "thank you" posters during the week-long "Great Kindness Challenge".  The SERRF students also created and posted posters challenging all students to perform acts of kindness, creating a culture of compassion on their campus.
group of students posing holding a sign that says thank you

January 25, 2018Top of Page

Los Molinos SERRF students want to give a big shout-out of appreciation to Luigi’s Pizza, in Red Bluff, for donating pizza boxes to our “Unicorn Pizza Parlor”. For 3 weeks, students learned about the math and the science involved in running a pizza parlor. To culminate these lessons, SERRFers opened a pizza parlor on Friday for teachers and support staff at school. Although it was paper pizza, with paper toppings and even a paper oven, it was a “REAL” fun turnout!
a student handing another student a pizza made of paper