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Printing Services FAQ

The Printing Services serves the county office, school districts, and non-profit organizations. We are equipped with a variety of quality equipment and copiers and offer full service printing, copying, binding, and finishing products:

  • Business cards
  • Booklets
  • Binding
  • Flyers
  • Certificates, diplomas and much more.

Please feel free to call me with questions and orders!
Alex Ortiz,
Printing Services Technician

Processing OrdersTop of Page

Tehama County Department of Education Printing Services prints more than 1,000,000 impressions a year in black and white, and another 250,000 envelopes and NCR forms. Due to the high demand, we ask that you give the Print Shop ample time to process your orders. If you have larger orders with larger runs, we ask that you please give us longer if possible. Every effort will be made to get print orders done in the most expedient time.

Since the Print Shop is located at the south-west part of the building most of the printing orders are being dropped off in the Mailroom, sent via email or using our in-house forms on our website. Orders can be picked up from the Print Shop at any time, but please note that the Print Shop is closed during the lunch hour (12 noon to 1:00 PM).

Backlogs & PrioritiesTop of Page

Printing Services runs at near capacity given staffing levels and hardware constraints, so backlogs often occur. These backlogs have required that a queuing hierarchy be established. In essence, classroom-related printing is our most important task followed by administrative printing and finally, special projects. An example may help. Imagine Printing Services receiving two print orders, one from an administrative office and another from an instructor. Both require the same allocation of machine and human resources. Both are needed within the same general time period. Under these conditions, we would process the classroom materials first. Also, low priority, complex printing jobs may need to be spread over several days or weeks while a high priority project may force overtime scheduling.

Planning AheadTop of Page

Given the potential of backlogs to delay production of your work, if you have complex printing needs (or it is your first time working with Printing Services), please see us early in the development of the project. This will allow time to discuss technical issues and help establish realistic project timelines. We can give you a printer's perspective on layout & design if you so choose our help. Printing services request that we be given at least 72 hours for turn around time.

Help Us Meet Your Needs.Top of Page

  • As needed, please review Board Policy regarding copyright. Printing requests not meeting these guidelines cannot be processed.
  • All work submitted for printing must have a completed "Printing Request Form" attached. Incomplete forms invariably cause delays.
  • Work to be printed must be presented in "camera ready" format (sorry, we are not equipped to do paste-ups, typesetting, or art work). If you need help in one of these areas, please contact our technology department first at ext-313 or ext- 355.
  • All multi-page work should be consecutively numbered (if possible); counting the cover page as page 1 (this is very important for collation and "back-to-back" printing).
  • Masters can be single or double sided (back to back) but not both. Please indicate on the print order if your masters have printing that you need on the back side. If a double sided original is submitted with no mention to the back side being printed then we will print only the single side of the originals.

Basic Services & ResourcesTop of Page

Regular duplication services aim to process materials on a first-come, first-served basis within the framework outlined above in Backlogs & Priorities. Peak workload periods occur at the beginning of the school year, and the week prior to final days of school. Processing delays can be expected during these times. Other backlogs occur at random because of hardware failure, maintenance requirements, etc. These caveats aside, we try to process all but the most unusual printing requests within the time constraints you establish. Planning ahead virtually ensures that your requests can be filled in a timely manner.

Come by and Check us out!

  • Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM -5:00 PM.
  • Location: South – West of the building.
  • Phone: (530) 528-7367
  • If you have comments or suggestions, please send email HERE