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Testing for the Tehama County ParaEducator Proficiency Assessment is a service provided by the Tehama County Department of Education (TCDE) for school districts in Tehama County.

If you are seeking employment in a school district as a paraeducator (teacher’s aide, instructional assistant, etc.), pursuant to Education Code 45330, you must either possess an A.A. degree or higher, have two years of college (48 units), or pass an assessment of your knowledge and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics as appropriate to the responsibility of the position. In Tehama County in order to meet this assessment requirement, TCDE administers the ParaEducator Proficiency Assessment.  

The assessment is comprised of four sections: Math, English Language Arts, Writing, and Ability to Assist in the classroom. The assessment is multiple choice and will be completed on a computer. Participants must pass the assessment with 70% or higher in order to receive verification of achievement.

If a participant does not pass all or certain subjects on the assessment, they can retake only the subjects that were not passed.

If a "reasonable accommodation" is necessary, Human Resource Services needs to be notified 10 days prior to the test if possible.

For questions, please call TCDE Human Resources Services at 528-7349.