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What is Informed k12 and How does it work?
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Informed K12 (IK12) is an easy-to-use workflow automation and digital forms solution that helps our office navigate paperwork and forms. Our goal is to alleviate the headache associated with paper, printing, storage, tracking, and workflows. 
Each form on IK12 has a route or steps to ensure the form finds each Department, Supervisor, Org User, and Individual who would be involved if the form was 'paper'. It's imperative that you select the correct person after completing your portion of a form. If you've slecetd the wrong person for the next step, the form will be routed back to you for the correction. If you recieve a form in error or have questions, please contact the Human Resources Department. 
IK12 Access

IK12 Trainings & Resources
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9.21.23  - Training on New Forms - Employee Seperation Form, Request for Unit Approval, Mileage Reimbursement, Short Term Employee Time Sheet, Internal Employee - Short Term Personnel Requisition, OT & Extra Time Request, and NCSIG Accident Report Form. 

Questions or concerns
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For questions about forms and access, please contact the HR Department at (530) 528-7349.