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About Us

How Can You Get Involved?
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  • Attend the Local Child Care Planning Council meetings
  • Apply to become a council member
  • Share information about the Planning Council with other early care and education professionals
  • Join a Planning Council Committee
  • Have your name added to the Planning Council's electronic distribution list by e-mailing Holly Rhoads.

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In 1991, the U.S. Congress established a federal Child Care and Development Block Grant. Each state was allocated funds to assist low-income families with child care and development services. Assembly Bill 2141 defines the structure for Local Child Care Planning Councils. In 1997, AB1542 was passed establishing welfare reform legislation (CalWORKS) that revised the membership and responsibilities of Local Child Care Planning Councils. Mandate: Prepare a comprehensive county-wide child care plan designed to mobilize public and private resources to address identified needs.

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To apply for a vacant position please complete the membership application
We need your ideas and suggestions about child care in this community. PLease get involved

The Tehama County Local Child Care Planning Council currently has openings for seats on the council.  The Council plans for child care and development services based on our best assessment of the needs of the families in Tehama County.  See the Membership Application for more information. Deadline is December 31, of each year. 

Statute requires diverse representation on Local Child Care Planning Councils while maintaining a balance of different interests. Membership is grouped into the following categories:

  • 20% Child Care Consumers
  • 20% Child Care Providers
  • 20% Community Representatives
  • 20% Public Agency Representatives
  • 20% Discretional Appointments

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The Board of Supervisors and the County Superintendent of Schools each appoint half of the members to the Child Care Planning Council, establish the terms of appointments, and review and approve needs assessments and local funding priorities. The County Superintendent of Schools, on behalf of the Local Child Care Planning Council, has the responsibility as fiscal agent for funds received.

Council ActivitiesTop of Page

The Tehama County Local Child Care Planning Council is responsible for a variety of tasks. These include:

  • The Council assesses Tehama County child care needs and develops a comprehensive countywide strategic plan for early care and education.
  • The Council collaborates with other organizations serving children and families to expand child care services.
  • The Council strives to enhance child care services, educate about child development issues, funding, community involvement, and the importance of quality child care and availability.