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Continuous Improvement

The Tehama County Department of Continous Improvement and Support is here to support the districts and schools as they address the many federal and state requirements in creating a quality instructional program for the students. Our services include the following: 

As we work on this website, you will be able to click on each of the above services for more detailed information and resources available to the districts and school sites. 

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(530) 528-7361
Academic/SEL Consultant
(530) 528-7387
Educational Data Analyst
(530) 528-7248
ELD Consultant
(530) 528-7377
Curriculum Consultant
(530) 528-7342
(530) 528-7383
Foster/Homeless Liaison
(530) 528-7321
Foster/Homeless Liaison
(530) 528-7370
Admin Assistant
(530) 528-7243
Admin Assistant II
(530) 528-7389 
Feel free to use the form below to schedule a meeting with me, Kevin.  If you would like me to visit you, please schedule a time that allows me to travel to your location.