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Continuous Improvement

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), passed in 2013, is hallmark legislation that fundamentally changed how all local educational agencies (LEAs) in the state are funded, how they are measured for results, and the services and supports they receive to allow all students to succeed.

California’s new accountability system is based on multiple measures. These measures are used to determine LEAs and school progress towards meeting the needs of all students. The measures are based on research validated factors that contribute to a quality education, including high school graduation rates, college/career readiness, student test scores, English Learner Proficiency progress, suspension rates, and parent engagement.

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year district plan that describes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures to support positive student outcomes that address state and local priorities. The LCAP provides an opportunity for LEAs to share their stories of how, what, and why programs and services are selected to meet their local needs.

The California School Dashboard contains public reports that display the performance of LEAs, schools, and student groups on a set of state and local measures to assist in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement.

If you would like more information about LCFF, LCAP or the California School Dashboard, contact the Tehama County Department of Education. 

Kevin Kurtz
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Academic/SEL Consultant
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Educational Data Analyst
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ELD Consultant
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