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Williams Act

Due to the Wiliams Act Settlement, all districts must complete the rquirements listed below. Those districts that have been identified for CSI and ATSI assistance or with more than 15% misassigned teachers must be formally reviewed by the county office of education to ensure compliance with each of the requirements. This review includes a site visit within the first four weeks of the start of school with a county report developed by October.
Following are the key items that are reviewed and supporting documents. 
School Accountability Report Card
Published by Febuary 28 on your website with information from the previous school year. 
Facilities Inspection Tool
Results published in your February SARC. Must be completed for each school site each year. Recommended to be completed in November or December for inclusion in the annual SARC.  
Uniform Complaint Procedures
Must be reviewed at the start of each school year. Required to be posted on the district/school website and shared with SSC, DELAC, Parent Advisory, etc. 
[CSBA Policies]
Appropriately Credentialed Teachers
Typically from the prior year as reported by CALPADS and CALSAAS. 
CalSAAS Site
Classroom Williams Notification
This notice to be posted in each classroom. 
Instructional Materials
All students must have access to standards-aligned curriculum. The hearing notice and Board resolution must be completed by September each school year with the public hearing notice posted 10 days prior to the Board meeting and in three locations within the distrivct. 
[Sufficiency Assurances Form]
Quarterly Reports on Complaints
Quartly reports must be completed on the dates listed and submitted to Abbi Tirri at the county office of education. 
Quarterly Report Form