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Differentiated Assistance (DA)

Differentiated Assistance (DA) is part of California's public school accountability system. It includes an intentional focus on providing assistant in a manner that builds capacity of the districts identified for assistance. 
Districts are identified for DA based on performance criteria within the California Dashboard as follows: 
  • LCFF Priorities 1, 2, 3, and 7:
    • Not Met/for Two or more years.
  • LCFF Priority 4:
    • Red on both ELA and MA, OR
    • Red on ELA or MA and Orange on the other, OR
    • Red on the English Language Progress Indicator
  • LCFF Priority 5:
    • Red on Graduation Rate, OR
    • Red on Chronic Absence Indicator
  • LCFF Priority 6:
    • Red on Suspension Rate Indicator, OR
    • Red on Chronic Absence Indicator
  • LCFF Prioirty 8:
    • Red on College/Career Indicator
Districts identified can expect the following: 
  1. Engage in the continuous improvement process as it relates to the identified area above. 
  2. Include the insights and conclusions gained from the differentiated assistance within the district's LCAP process, including educational partner input. 
  3. Engage with TCDE within the differentiated assistance process. This includes a management consultation between TCDE and the district. Engagement with TCDE can include one or more of the following:
    • Data analysis supports
    • Facilitation of educational partners. 
    • Facilitation of district improvement teams.
    • Guidance in developing professional development activities as well as the identification of research-based interventions and practices. 
Districts will no longer be eligible for DA when the performance improves so that the district no longer meets the criteria. This is determined annually when the Dashboard results are released (around December 1). 

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Once a problem has been identified, the improvement process begins with a Root Cause Analysis. Following are some resources that will get you started: