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No Excuses University

No Excuses at Tehama COE - with large U wearing graduation cap                             Heroes for Higher Education icon with Superman symbol - Tehama County Office of Education
Our purpose at Tehama County Department of Education is to develop and implement the Six C’s of our NEU County Office with our districts and schools. It’s our job to promote and support these efforts, so that Tehama County students graduate from high school and/or college ready for careers.

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Committed: We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college if they so choose to attend.  We also believe that we at TCDE have the power to make this opportunity a reality.

Courageous: To display courage is to show strength in the face of fear. We do this by ignoring those who try to tell us that our dreams for our students’ futures are unrealistic and impossible.  We ask for forgiveness instead of permission.  We hold one another accountable and we come together as a critical mass to confront the status-quo.

Collaborative: Our collaborative spirit is grounded on the idea that we each have unique strengths as well as different weaknesses. We make the time to work with one another in a way that maximizes accountability while minimizing anxiety.  This helps us to achieve greater success for our district schools, while at the same time promoting balance in our lives as individuals.

Creative: We are innovative and love to explore new ways to get results for our students.  Experimentation is not a suggestion, but rather an expectation.  When we find success through our creativity, we celebrate as a staff and seek ways to replicate the results elsewhere. 

Character-centered: Character is doing the right thing when no one is watching…this goes double for adults. 

College and Career Crazy: College readiness is a tie that binds us as students, parents, and community.  Because of this we reveal the benefits of a college degree to all students in practical and achievable ways that offer hope for a better future.  TCDE seeks to shatter the myths that a student has to be rich or privileged to go to college.

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