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Community Advisory Committee

Community Advisory Committee (C.A.C) for Special Education Top of Page

Who Are We?

Community Advisory Committees (CAC) are vital components of effective Special Education programs in California. CACs are active, creative bodies 

that assist in advising local school districts, the Board of Education, and Special Education administration about the Special Education Local Plan, annual priorities, parent education, and other Special Education related activities.

Who can be a member?
Parents comprise a majority of the CAC membership, and a majority of these parents are parents of children with special needs. Other members may include special and general education teachers, agency representatives and school administrators. 

What Do We Do?

CAC meetings provide parents with up-to-date information on issues that impact their children, the opportunity to communicate with school administrators, and the chance to connect with other parents. 

The Tehama County CAC has identified the following focus areas for the local membership:

Identify Program Priorities for Tehama County Special Education
  • Parent Education and Training
  • Review of the SELPA Local Plan
  • Support and Develop Activities on Behalf of Students with Disabilities
  • Resources and information for families
  • Educate community stakeholders who work with, live with, and support children with disabilities. 

Who Do We Represent?
The CAC is a partner in representing all students with disabilities, the understanding of disabilities and their families. 

Community Advisory Committee

Mission: Expanding opportunities through education, support services, and collaborative efforts; for all children with disabilities to participate in school, community, and family activities to their fullest potential.

Vision: Developing a Community that:

  • Recognizes and supports the abilities and potential of all children
  • Provides opportunities for all students to participate fully. 
  • Supports programs that enable all children to reach their full potential and participate as contributing members of community.
  • Empowers all students, through education, to reach and attain their life goals. 

For more information please contact Veronica Coates, SELPA Director (530) 527-8614