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Tehama County SELPA is a consortium of the 13 school districts in Tehama County and their charter schools. The SELPA is committed to collaboration, consensus, problem-solving and compliance surrounding state and federal requirements in the implementation of programs for special education students.

The Tehama County SELPA provides leadership, support, coordination and technical assistance to the 14 school districts, agencies and families in Tehama County. Services provided include:

  • Development of interagency agreements and memorandums of understanding
  • Leadership of countywide special education staff development to accelerate achievement for all students and eliminate the achievement gap, with a focus on special needs students
  • Maintain a lending library for materials, curriculum, and assistive technology for county schools
  • Coordination of non-public school and agency services including development of master contracts, rate setting and program quality review
  • Leadership surrounding state and federal mandates regarding special education
  • Assisting all districts in anticipating and responding to current and future challenges and trends in special education
  • Increasing parent, business, and community participation in schools and build public confidence and trust in public education
  • Maximize resources to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of school districts and the County Office.


What is Child Find?

Every SELPA and school district is required to have procedures in place to help locate students who may need special education services. Please contact either the SELPA office or your local school district if you have questions about referring a child for special education services.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, please contact your local school district.The Tehama SELPA Child Find Brochure has links to every school district office.

Who can help me if I’m worried about my child’s education?
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Be sure to first address your concerns at your child’s school or that school’s district office. The usual process is to discuss your child’s educational progress with his or her regular and special education teachers, then with the principal and/or special education coordinator if necessary. If you continue to have concerns, call the SELPA office at (530) 527-8581. We can help you explore further solutions.

My child attends a private school - Is my child entitled to special education services?Top of Page

This answer is “Maybe.” Every school district in Tehama has the responsibility to “find” and offer an assessment for every child suspected of having a disability. The SELPA Policy on Private School Children with Disabilities can provide you detailed information.