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Tobacco Prevention

Club Live Presents 3rd hand smoke

3rd Hand Smoke is the chemicals that are left on surfaces in areas where people smoke. This smelly residue gets into carpets, drapes, on walls and other surfaces. It can linger for a long time—months even—and is very hard to clean up or remove. It can get into the hair and clothes of people who smoke or who are around smokers. This stuff is harmful to people, especially babies and toddlers because they put things into their mouths.

Club Live was really surprised to learn that 3rd Hand Smoke can be really deadly to animals. Pets who live with smokers are exposed to 3rd hand smoke because they spend so much time on carpets, and the residue gets onto their food and in their water. It also settles on their fur, which makes it very dangerous for cats, since they lick themselves to bathe.

3rd Hand Smoke is…

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  • Dangerous to pet birds because they have very sensitive respiratory systems. These toxins can cause respiratory paralysis and pneumonia in birds. Also, the residue can get on their feathers, and it will stay until all the feathers molt. 
  • Dangerous to dogs because they are exposed to contaminants left in rugs. They inhale these and can get nasal diseases like cancer.
  • Dangerous to cats because they lick themselves and ingest the cancer causing chemicals that build up in their fur. They can get mouth cancers and lymphomas.

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