Information for Parents

What is there after High School?

The TALC program allows students to begin experiencing adult life activities in the community while having the support of the school system. This is called community based instruction. more

When your child reaches 18 years of age:

Age of Majority and Conservatorship At 18-years-of-age educational rights transfer to students with disabilities who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and who are not conserved. When a student becomes 18 years of age they are legally considered an adult and their rights to make important life decisions including living independently, financial management, continuing or not continuing with school, transfer from parent/guardian to themselves. more


What is Child Find?

Every SELPA and school district is required to have procedures in place to help locate students who may need special education services. Please contact either the SELPA office or your local school district if you have questions about referring a child for special education services.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, please contact your local school district.The Tehama SELPA Child Find Brochure has links to every school district office.

My child attends a private school. Is my child entitled to special education services?

This answer is “Maybe.” Every school district in Tehama has the responsibility to “find” and offer an assessment for every child suspected of having a disability.The SELPA Policy on the Provision of Special Education Services in a Private School can provide you detailed information.

Nursing and Health Services

Requirements for entering school:

Physicians Forms:


Health Brochures: