Support Services

The RSDSS priority of services applies to an LEA that is not newly identified in corrective action and that has schools under its jurisdiction in PI years 1 through 5 and beyond.  RSDSS LEA service priority is defined as follows:

LEA Service Priority

  • Service priority 1 means LEAs with schools in PI Years 3, 4, and 5
  • Service priority 2 means LEAs with schools in PI Years 1 and 2
  • Service priority 3 means LEAs with schools receiving title I funds with no schools in PI

Region 2 Priority District and Schools List

Expectations and Scope of Work

  • Technical Assistance to enhance the capacity of DSLT/School Leadership Teams
  • Analyze data to identify district priorities
  • Develop school improvement plan
  • Customized technical assistance/professional development
  • Align and broker resources to meet identified LEA/school needs
  • Assist LEAs to maintain legally compliant programs that meet NCLB requirements


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LEA Brochure

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Years 1 & 2

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Years 3 - 5

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