Tehama Friday Night Live/Club Live Partnership

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tehama county youth hotline Welcome to Tehama County Friday Night Live! We are a youth leadership club which focuses on the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence.

Red Ribbon Week

What is Friday Night Live/Club Live?

Friday Night Live/Club Live ( FNL/CL) is a unique organization that provides youth the opportunity to create, plan and implement their own activities. While providing them with the value of membership and belonging, Friday Night Live and Club Live also incorporate the teaching of such critical life skills as goal setting, decision making, communicating and problem solving. The young people are given the opportunity to contribute to their communities through service and adult mentors. Statewide, FNL/CL strives to assist youth in being Problem Free AND Fully Prepared, which means youth are given skills to live a life free of problems such as alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and related problems like violence and teen pregnancy, and fully prepared with leadership skills and knowledge to be successful. In Tehama County, our vision statement is My Community...My Future, which demonstrates FNL/CL commitment to making differences in our communities that will impact our future. Click here for Friday Night Live Standards of Practice