Communication Planning Guide


Tone Matters

  • Demonstrate calm confidence.
  • Do not take pointed questions personally.
  • Show empathy, and action if necessary.

Tips for Managing a Crisis

  • Tell the truth.
  • Say it first.
  • Show empathy for those impacted by the situation and commit t o work with lead agencies, or take care of “it” if action is required of the District.
  • Allow lead agencies to speak on crisis that falls under their purview, e.g. law enforcement to speak on campus violence, fire department on a fire, health department on a health outbreak, etc.
  • Make sure you have a district leader at the emergency site and a point person back at the district office who can take all calls and prepare next-steps communication.
  • Using concentric circles approach (at right), be sure to disseminate information to all the key audiences in the organization. Provide statements for their use.

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