Instructions for Using the Conference Room Equipment

  1. Press the “On” button on the control panel to turn on the LCD projector. While it is flashing, the system is booting up and you will not be able to switch between display options.
  2. While the system is booting, lower the screen and turn on computer and/or DVD/VHS player. (login for computer is- username: tcdelab, password: helpme). In the Assembly Room, you must flip the switch to the right of the screen to the “on” position and then use the white remote to raise and lower the screen. The remote to raise and lower the screen is available in the tech office.
  3. Separate connections are provided for a laptop to be connected to the LCD projector, sound system, and internet.
  4. Once the “On” button stays illuminated, choose which display you will be using (PC1, PC2, or DVD/VCR; if using a laptop connected to our system, you will choose PC2. The permanent desktop computer is always PC1).
  5. You can switch between different displays at any time. However, you must wait at least 3 seconds before switching to another display once you have already pressed a display button.
  6. The volume of the system can be controlled by turning the volume button on the control panel. If using a computer, you can also adjust the system volume on the computer for desired output.
  7. The “black screen” button will turn off the display until you are ready to use it again.
  8. When you are finished using the equipment, turn off the computer and/or DVD/VHS player and press the “Off” button on the control panel. The button will flash while the system cools down and then will shut off automatically.

Remotes for the DVD/VHS player is located in the cabinet. The laser remote for powerpoint presentations are available in the tech office.

When finished using the equipment, return the screen to the up position and return remotes to the cabinet and the tech office.

If you have any problems, please contact the Tech Support office (ext. 355/313).