Instructional Technology

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The Instructional Technology team is dedicated to promoting and supporting the effective integration of technology in teaching, learning, assessment and communication. We provide the tools, training and support necessary to assist educators in the use of technology, both in and out of the classroom. The use of technology in instruction has gone from being an optional extension in schools to a crucial foundation for learning. The need to provide these resources locally in a scalable, efficient way is essential to ensuring that our students have the necessary skills to pursue higher education and to compete in today's workforce.

You'll find a list of time-saving, easy to use tools below, many of which are "click and go." You'll also find a wealth of exciting, content-rich technology resources to engage your students and enhance learning. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Application Support
Applications Support

Refresh your Microsoft Office skills, learn about Adobe Acrobat Pro and more. Tutorials and workshops to help you make technology work for you.

Quick References
Productivity Resources

Time saving and easy to use tools for day-to-day tasks.

Educator & Student Resources

Looking for innovative ways to use technology to engage students and extend learning? You'll find a comprehensive collection of outstanding resources here.

  • Brokers of Expertise - the place where California educators go to get connected. Share the best practices, best resources, best strategies—you might say the best of the best.
  • Give students 24/7 access to learning. Integrate Moodle into your classroom. (free)
  • Looking for idea sheets, activity kits, videos and online workshops? RAFT has thousands of "click and go" options! (free)
  • Have questions? Wolfram Alpha has answers (free)
  • Find inspiration, ideas and a thriving community of educators at Edutopia (free)
  • Need brilliant visuals? Search millions of historic photos in the LIFE Photo Archive (free)
  • Bring History & Geography to life with David Rumsey's historical map collection on Google Maps (free)
  • More on Google Maps via CTAP online >> beginner and advanced tutorials (free)

Cyber safety
Safety and Awareness Resources for Parents and Educators

Even though today's kids are considered by most to be "digital natives," there's still a lot they need to know to be informed and safe out there on the Internet. You'll find resources here to assist you in helping them make the most of technology while avoiding potential pitfalls.